Nahia Leoz, a versatile actress fluent in Spanish and English, captivates global audiences adding depth and authenticity to her portrayals. Trained at esteemed studios like Central de Cine and Berg Studios, Nahia possesses a deep understanding of the craft and a commitment to excellence.

From the stage to the screen, Nahia captivates audiences with her compelling performances and ability to inhabit a wide range of characters. Her journey as an actress has been shaped by a relentless pursuit of growth and self-discovery, guided by a genuine love for the art of acting. Off-camera, Nahia is known for her collaborative spirit and unwavering determination. She thrives in creative environments, always pushing the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Driven by a passion to inspire through storytelling, Nahia Leoz embraces each role as an opportunity to connect emotionally and ignite imagination.


American Standard Accent / Bob Corff / Corff Studios

Scene Study / Camillia Monet / Berg Studios

Psycho-Physical Scene Study / Stacey L. Swift / Michelle Danner Studio

Alexander Technique / Joseph LeMieux / Michelle Danner Studio

Improvisation / Derek Reid / Michelle Danner Studio

Stanislavski and Stella Adler / Stacey L. Swift / Michelle Danner Studio

Stage Combat / Jeff Lawless / Michelle Danner Studio


Chekhov Technique, On Camera / Victoria Di Pace / Central de Cine

On-Camera Audition Prep / Carmen Utrilla / Central de Cine

Movement, Alexander Technique / Clara Mendez-Leite / Escuela para el Arte del Actor

Micro-Emotion for the Camera / Carmen Rico / Central de Cine

Script Analysis / Katherine Montes / Central de Cine

Comedy Training / Paloma Catalán / Central de Cine

Audition Technique / Rosa Estévez, Juan León, Tonucha Vidal / Central de Cine

On-Camera Training / Rocio Vidal, Eva Lesmes / Central de Cine

Script Writing / Javier Gancedo / Central de Cine

Voice Training / Antonio Raposo / Central de Cine

Character Composition / Natalie Pinot / Central de Cine

Theater Training / Ana Irala / Ana Irala Studios